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Why use our services

Lending Standards

Our lending standards are different from banks and other financial institutions. We recognize your products and services as collateral for a loan (construction industry only). We specialize in back to back financing.

Lien Rights

Let our professionals evaluate if your lien rights are suitable as collateral (construction industry only). 

Maintain Your Cash Flow

We help you keep your profits go up by providing you uninterrupted financing for all your projects when you need it (subject to approval).

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Online escrow accounts

Conditional Escrow Accounts

Ontario legislation imposes trust regime in construction industry. Use Paymentech Escrow Accounts to easily comply with legislation and protect yourself against breach of trust claims.

Control Spending

Paymentech Escrow Accounts enable you to pay suppliers of building materials and other persons in construction pyramid directly to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Benefit for Workers

Enjoy instant payments from your employers with no need to wait for a paper cheque. Payday loans are easy, fast and free with Paymentech (subject to approval).

Payment instruments

Online Cheques

A safe and convenient way to pay using Paymentech online cheques. Online cheques are far better protected against fraud than regular bank cheques.

Direct Transfers

No matter whom you are making a direct transfer to the transfer is instant and there is no limit on the amount. Unlike banks we allow free and easy transfers from personal accounts to business accounts and vice versa.

Online Invoices

A great tool to get your accounts receivable paid. Funds are available instantly and there is no chargebacks (some conditions apply)